In-air signature

in-air signature
 What is In-air signature?


Authentication is one of the most important aspects regarding all the operations that may be performed from a mobile device. Starting up the device, making use of special functions, phoning reserved numbers, reading mail, accessing some Internet applications like e-commerce, electronic voting, e-learning, looking up the balance of a bank account or buying a product in an online shop are examples of operations that are nowadays performed from a mobile device and require authentication.

At present, most authentication procedures in mobile phones relies on handwritten passwords, with all their limitations. In this context, biometric techniques may offer a better solution to authenticate users according to their physical or behavioural characteristics.

The biometric technique we propose consists of authenticating users when they execute an identifying gesture in the air (an in-air signature) while holding on their hand their mobile phone.


 How does In-air signature work?


To authenticate users within biometrics, it is necessary that users get enrolled in the system previously. Actually, in the enrollment phase of the authentication technique based on gestures, users should repeat three times their identifying gesture to create their template of the gesture they will use as their signature to access the system.

When accessing the system, users only should repeat once their identifying gesture chose at enrollment phase. Then, the gesture performed is compared with the template stored, and if matches, the access is granted.

The main requirement of the technique is users should belong a mobile phone embedding an accelerometer since it is the sensor needed to extract the information of the performance of the gesture. This demand is not a problem since leader mobile phones manufacturers are marketing devices fulfilling this task with a very growing sales volume.




  • Additional biometric security to complement contactless cards or tickets for access control in environments with great influx of people such as: train stations, airports, entreprises, ...

  • Secure micropayments using NFC by means of making a gesture while approaching the mobile phone to POS.

  • New interface using gestures with the mobile phone or other multimedia devices. You can launch applications, change the track of the music by making a gesture in the air. Some apps based on this concept are available in In-air Gestures Launcher and Gesture Moture.

  • Technology for the protection of smartphones as well as user authentication and identification for the use of applications and network services.

Currently, this technology has been integrated into OsiGuard. This application developed by OS New Horizon consist of antitheft protection based on our Inairsignature techonology.


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