Human scent, an unobstrusive biometric technique


GB2S and Ilía Sistemas S.L. have developed a new biometric system able to identify people based on their scent.  Our experimental results achieve recognition rates over 85% which reveals that there exists discriminatory information in the hand odor. Read More

BioStress: How to take the best decision in limit situations


Researchers from GB2S have developed a system to detect the stress level of the user in real time. The system is based on physiological sensors that can be worn easily monitoring the stress level continuously. Read More

In-air signature, new authentication technique for mobile phones


A system created by GB2S allows verifying the identity of mobile users through their in-air signature. Read More (Spanish)

New user verification techniques for mobile electronics


The research conducted at GB2S has resulted in development of two novel techniques that can with high accuracy verify the identity of mobile phone user. The first of the proposed techniques requires the user to make a hand gesture in the air while holding a phone. The second technique involves taking a picture of users both hands with a mobile phone camera. Read More (Spanish)

Spanish researchers design a new TV remote control


Researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Facultad de Informática have designed a new type of TV remote control that is capable of measuring finger pressure and wrist rotation angle. It then transmits this information to the TV to change channel or adjust the volume to the preferred level. Read More


Grup of Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S)