The Group of Biometrics, Biosignals, Security and Smart Mobility (GB2S) appeared in 1998 in Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (ETSIT), from Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM).

At present, GB2S is located within Centro de Domótica Integral (CeDInt), which belongs also to UPM. Before 2010, GB2S was known as Grupo de Biometría y Tratamiento Numérico de la Información (GBTNI).

Our Research Lines cover a diverse number of topics not only in Biometrics and Cryptography, but also in topics related to Biosignals, like Stress Detection or biometric identification by means of Human Odour. These lines have result in a great number of Publications and Patents applications.

Furthermore, the GB2S owns several multimodal and monomodal biometric Databases gathering different biometric characteristics (Iris, Face, Gait, Hand or Gestures), publicly available for research purposes.




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Grup of Biometrics, Biosignals and Security (GB2S)